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How to Pick the Right Bathroom Fixtures for Modern Design

Integrating modern design into your bathroom can add intrigue, value, and a sense of peace to your space. The general motif is about simplicity, meaning basic colours, clean lines, and mainly metallic components (steel and glass can also be considered). If you are going to push through with this style, you have to pay extra attention to the plumbing fixtures because one off-looking part can affect the whole room’s ambiance. Thus, to make informed decisions, consider the following tips for your guidance:

– Look at Spas and Retreat Places as Your Frame of Reference

Looking for inspiration to design any space is a great way to start, especially those with the same aesthetic characteristics you are trying to emulate. In the case of modern designs, you can do so by viewing spas, retreat areas with pools, and other similar places. These spots use simple bathroom fixtures, fittings, and even decorations that pay homage to the modern, simplistic aesthetics. It’s because they want to emphasize their place as a peaceful retreat or a modern-day paradise.

You can bring that same, zen-like, tranquil vibe to your bathroom by choosing stainless steel faucets, showerheads, and the like. You can also bring in some plants, framed pictures of waterfalls, and other calming decors to enhance the bathroom’s look and feel. Most importantly, don’t forget to keep the space clutter-free!

– Use Lighting to Accentuate Your Bathroom Fixture’s Functionality and Aesthetic Value

Lighting is integral to modern design because it’s simple yet can elevate your bathroom’s sleekness by lighting all the clean lines and minimalist ambiance. Because of this, you should opt for light fixtures that are also modern in style, like geometric pendant lighting and flush mount lighting. Even letting in natural light from your window is important, and the view must be easily accessible, meaning the frame shouldn’t be too showy or ornamental.

In the case of your bathroom fixtures, position the lights either above or on the side to highlight them and ensure they are easily seen. For instance, you can have a simple hanging light fixture over your sink to shine down your stainless steel faucet, allowing for easier use. This way, you can make any simple plumbing fixture look stunning, high-value, and an integral part of your modern bathroom experience.

– Pick a Basic, Unified Colour Scheme and Material for All Fixtures

The modern style for bathrooms would typically entail using the basic colours and shades, specifically black, white, and grey. It’s because they greatly complement plumbing fixtures, mainly the steel and metallic ones. However, you can deviate from this by picking one or two light colours, like baby blue or light green. Just ensure you pick colours that complement each other and try to match visual components consistent with the modern aesthetic, whether it be a mix of design trends or just one.


Incorporating modern or contemporary design into your bathroom can be executed easily by starting with the plumbing fixtures. Now that you have a better understanding of what you need to look for, it would be highly beneficial to research particular items you would like to place in your bathroom. Additionally, don’t be afraid to make the room your own by placing any additional elements to enhance the personality of your space!

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