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4 Chic Bathroom Shower Remodeling Ideas

Bathrooms were once utilitarian spaces that didn’t get as much decorative attention as the kitchen and other parts of one’s home. Fast forward to recent years, bathrooms now serve as an oasis for relaxing, so people now crave to fit in glamorous vanities, sleek showers, and other upgrades that can make even the tiniest spaces feel luxurious.


Bathrooms are also a practical area that needs storage solutions and functions that make a person’s daily routine feel more comfortable, so what can you do to give it a smart and stylish makeover? We’re here to explore chic and clever bathroom remodelling ideas that are sure to make your existing space look inspired by home interior magazines.


Tip #1: Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious with Proper Lighting Fixtures


Relying on the overhead ceiling light on its own can make the bathroom look dingy and dull, but adding different accent lighting fixtures can create a dynamic look and feel! It creates a stunning contrast, from highlighting your vanity, setting a soft, overall glow to brightening up space visually.


Tip #2: Play Around with Different Tile Styles


Bathrooms often have a singular tiling, but you can create aesthetically pleasing variations by layering different tiles. It also separates sections in your bathroom and promotes a textile feel, making it possible to expand the space without extending walls.


You can go bright and colourful for the shower walls or embrace a dark, contemporary vibe with cooler hues. Whatever colour scheme you choose, the different style creates interesting textures that can give your bathroom a stronger fashion statement.


Tip #3: Waterproof Your Shower to Preserve Your Flooring


Separating the shower from other levels in your bathroom protects other materials and fixtures from sustaining water damage, plus it cuts back your cleaning time too. You can elevate the shower tiles and add a small water stopper, but you can push the design further by incorporating glass doors surrounding the shower area.


Replacing curtains with sliding glass panels creates a luxurious look for less price, plus it also improves the functionality of your shower up a notch.


Tip #4: Add Toilet Shelving for More Storage Space


If you have a small bathroom and only have the counter cabinets as your storage area, adding floating shelving over the toilet can expand your options for keeping bathroom essentials plus boost its visual appeal.


The Bottom Line: Exploring Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Boost Both Its Function and Form


The bathroom is now a haven where homeowners can unwind and wash off their stress, so creating a stylish space that can offer comfort, style, and better functionality are all qualities of a successful bathroom remodelling project.


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