Best Cabinet Hardware

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Cabinet Hardware

Remodelling your home is always exciting, and a big part of the fun is choosing the right aesthetic for your furniture. Thinking of all the possible designs can be a bit overwhelming, however, because it requires big decisions and strategic planning. Some of the trickiest pieces of furniture to plan for are the cabinets. They take up a large visual space and are frequently used all around the house, so designing the cabinets is an important task.


The cabinet hardware is especially challenging because it’s a small detail that carries immense impact. Not only does it contribute to the overall look of these furniture pieces, but it also affects how you use them. To help you decide on what type of hardware to choose for your cabinets, here’s a quick guide for you:


Maximizing Comfort and Functionality


The primary role of your cabinet hardware is to improve the functionality of your cabinets, so it’s an important consideration in the selection process. After all, you’ll be touching the hardware several times a day. It’s only right that you choose a set that makes it easier for you to open and close the drawers.


When choosing between knobs and pulls, you can base it on how they feel on your hands. Pulls are larger and easier to grip than the smaller knobs. However, some types of pulls tend to get caught in pockets, belt loops, bags, or other pieces of clothing especially when mounted horizontally. To prevent this, opt for thicker and heavier hardware.


You may also choose hardware based on what feels natural to you. A big cabinet door often looks wonderful with knobs that match the actual doors. Smaller drawers, on the other hand, may have pulls instead of knobs.


Of course, you can opt for a different type of hardware entirely, such as recessed hardware. This type of hardware typically does not stick out of the cabinet doors. Instead, they sink into the cabinets, creating a handle that blends in with the door itself.


Matching the Overall Aesthetic of the Cabinet and the Room


Although it may seem like a small detail, the hardware you choose can have a large impact on the overall look and feel of your cabinet. You have to take into account what kind of look and feel you’re going for.


Is it a more vintage, rustic, cottage-like look, or perhaps something sleek and modern? Do you want the cabinet to blend in with the feel of the room or let it stand out for a unique contrast? Are you going for all knobs, all pulls, or a combination of different hardware? These are some things you need to consider.


Pulls generally provide a bolder, more modern look to the cabinet, while knobs are typically more traditional and rustic. Recessed hardware tends to provide a clean, minimalist look. Of course, there are different styles of hardware to choose from. You don’t have to match everything—choose what looks right to you.


Get the Best Cabinet Hardware Today


Choosing the right cabinet hardware is an often overlooked part of designing a home, but it makes a huge difference. It has a lasting effect on the form and functionality of your cabinets, so it’s important to choose the right one for your home. With so many styles and types of hardware to choose from, it’s important to keep the aforementioned considerations in mind to help you make the right choice.


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