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Classic Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Modular kitchen is a 21st century home décor concept that has revolutionized the home kitchen space. Going modular with the kitchen can be an extremely intriguing idea, concerning the utmost ease and functionality. Now that it’s a popular concept, you too can construct your own modular kitchen and ensure your kitchen’s right design and functionality. You can start with the cabinet, which is an integral part of your kitchen that needs to have a pleasing look. Here’s presenting the classic kitchen cabinet design ideas that you may try in your cooking space:


Glass and Gloss


Do you have little space but want your kitchen to look stylish? These glass-door hanging cabinets might be an excellent way to add flair to any kitchen. For a kitchen-cum-dining space, you can go for a well-designed layout with huge cupboards at the bottom. These can hold utensils, glass cabinets, and other appliances to display expensive silverware designs.


Wooden Cabinets


You can choose a blend of old-school wooden classic kitchen designs and modular appliances. You can work on the design in classic wood, with handles both on its top and bottom. Nonetheless, consider the right placement of the appliances to add to a modern quotient. For instance, you can go for a chimney or built-in gas top.


White Cabinets


You can also decorate your kitchen by implementing an organic element to it. So what about plants and other decorative items? If you love plants, this kitchen cabinet style is just right for you. Instead of having enclosed cabinets, you can install open shelves. These shelves can be used for placing decorative and handy utensils or appliances. Nonetheless, this type of design does not compromise on storage space because you can get wooden door cabinets right at its bottom and a glass door on the top.


Contemporary Design


Those who have a large and open kitchen can choose this cabinet design. It will not only keep the room tidy, but it will also contribute to the beauty of your home decor. The flooring and cabinets can have a classic kitchen design, complementing the aesthetic of your kitchen. Its marble-designed countertop, hardwood flooring, and modern pendant enhance the look of a conventional kitchen.


Seamless Cupboards


Seamless kitchen cupboards are indeed a must-have for individuals who want to decorate their house in a modern style. Such a style features no handles and pre-installed equipment. All in all, it makes your kitchen look clutter-free, simple, and large.


Some Tips to Consider Before Choosing Classic Kitchen Cabinet Designs:


Decide the material for the kitchen cabinet body

Choose a classic theme for the cabinet design

Select cabinet colors with the design

Ensure you are selecting the right cabinet hardware

Revitalize the storage spaces

Choose the right cabinet doors

Use intriguing designs for the corner cabinets


If you think it’s the right time to renovate your kitchen cabinet with any of these classic kitchen designs, consult the experts at Spec Hardware. They have the finest collection of decorative and architectural hardware and fittings for your home. 

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