Designing a Stunning Bathroom

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Stunning Bathroom

Do you want a bathroom that will steal the attention of anyone who enters it, leaving them awe-struck, marvelling at your wonderful designs? If so, there are many mistakes you must first realize that other people make that seriously hampered their bathroom’s aesthetics. Sure, many things can go right, but so many things can also go wrong.


To ensure you do not make design mistakes in an attempt to create a stunning bathroom, let us address the common mistakes often made:


Mistake 1. Not Planning


The worst mistake you can ever make when designing your bathroom is to start without a plan. This only leads to bad decisions that will hurt not only your bathroom’s looks but even your wallet. To avoid this issue, take some time to plan. This includes considering the space you have to work with, what your budget looks like, and how an element can impact the room. Doing this will allow you to consider various design elements that can fit your bathroom better, ensuring that the bathroom turns out exactly as you expect when the project is finished.


Mistake 2. Forgetting About Storage


You may put all your focus on the bathroom’s looks, but you must never forget the functional side of things. A bathroom is useless if you cannot use it, and one of the most important functions a bathroom performs is storage. Beauty products, toilet tissues, razors, and many other products need to be stored somewhere.


Without proper storage, all of these items will just be laid in plain sight, effectively hurting your bathroom’s look. As such, remember to plan for enough storage to ensure your belongings are kept safe while still keeping the looks of the bathroom in pristine condition.


Mistake 3. Not Installing Enough Lights


Lighting can make or break the look of any room, and the same can be said about the lighting in the bathroom. Not enough lighting can leave you squinting your eyes trying to shave your mustache or even lead to makeup mistakes. Too much lighting, on the other hand, can still leave you squinting from the glare, unable to look into the mirror.


As such, you will need to balance the room’s size with the amount of light. More often than not, the mistake is not installing enough lights, so take the time to ensure there is enough lighting to keep the bathroom well lit!


Mistake 4. Picking the Wrong Materials


Good materials go a long way towards helping your bathroom stand out. Certain stones and wood accents go together, and certain materials make for better surfaces for different applications. However, looks are not the only concern here. Ensuring that you pick the right materials is important because the bathroom is typically a wet environment.


Using hard surfaces like metals and stone is a safe choice. Other options like wood might be a little risky because of mould problems, but ensuring that other features like ventilation are installed properly will ensure the materials are safe and sound at all times.




Apart from the mistakes above, there is one more mistake that we must remind you to never make: not enjoying the process. What’s the point of designing your bathroom if you don’t like it in the first place? The most beautiful bathroom designs only spawn from people enjoying every step in the process. As such, always remember that your enjoyment is vital, and follow through with a design that helps you feel good about yourself and your home!


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