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Fixing Your Laundry Room: Fixtures to Make It More Efficient

It is not talked about often, but everyone understands the need to do laundry. If you live in a big household and take care of everyone’s laundry, the task can be time-consuming and energy-depleting. Clothes are not the only thing that needs washing. Linens, beddings, towels, and more need washing to keep everyone’s health in top condition.


Some may love doing it, but most don’t, and mostly because of the process. But there is a way to improve the situation. Sometimes, a slight tweak to your laundry room can make a huge difference. This article will give you tips on how you can make laundry day less stressful by improving the laundry room with some valuable fixtures.


How to Make Your Laundry Room More Functional


– Add a Large Laundry Sink


Your life would be much easier if you have a large laundry sink. You can soak your stained or dirty clothes in need of special care in this spot, or place your delicate items. Try to incorporate the sink itself into the interior of your laundry room so you have a specific place to perform these tasks.


Consider getting a more durable fixture for this as well. We suggest a longer-lasting and easy-to-maintain stainless steel sink.


– Use a Well-Functioning Faucet


The last thing you want is a faucet that does not do its job, especially during laundry time. Choose a faucet that can handle good water pressure and provide you with water flow. These are essential factors to make your utility sink more useful.

If you plan to have a stainless laundry sink, consider adding a faucet with a traditional knob style or a modern lever handle to match the look.


– Add Proper Lighting


Natural lighting is always the best way to see stains in your clothes, but few actually have windows in their laundry room. You may need to equip it with lights. The right light fixtures can immediately make any space look more elegant than it is. You are free to choose whatever kind of light you want for this fixture, but overhead lighting fixtures can make a big difference.


– Install a Spacious Countertop


Make your job simpler by adding a folding area right there and then. If your space would allow, consider adding built-in countertops to make the whole area more efficient. Finish it off with stone or laminate to ensure quality and encourage you to do your laundry each time.


– Add Shelves for Additional Storage


If you do not have them yet, consider adding shelves to improve your space. Make the room look more modern and inviting by choosing the appropriate materials. Add clear jars where you can place your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and other essential products. Aside from organizing your products, you also make the space look more aesthetically pleasing.




These are just some of the essential features that can make your laundry space more efficient. With these elements in your laundry room, you can work and finish your tasks faster. You should also choose suitable materials to make your space more pleasing to the eye, motivating you to enjoy doing the laundry.


Fixtures do not always have to look traditional and common. Spec Hardware is one of the best hardware stores in Edmonton, Alberta, that offers the finest collection of decorative and architectural hardware, plumbing fixtures, and more. Visit our store or contact us at (780) 966-9066 to book an appointment.

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