Cabinet Hardware

Interior Design: Our Guide to Choosing Cabinet Hardware

When it comes to interior design, no detail is too small. When simple touches like a vintage clock, an elegant figurine, or cabinet hardware are in harmony with the rest of a room’s furnishings, they can elevate your chosen aesthetic.


The Importance of Cabinet Hardware


Cabinet hardware such as knobs and pulls should be beautiful as well as functional. These handles are instrumental in the easy opening and closing of doors and drawers, and they also protect your cabinet finish from oils and dirt on your hands.


There are many different cabinet hardware styles and finishes available in the market today, and it can be overwhelming to choose among them. Read on for a thorough guide on the perfect cabinet hardware that will enhance your interior design.


Cabinets and drawers are storage essentials, but they can also make for a great accent piece for your living room or family room. And, of course, your kitchen cabinets should draw the eye of anyone entering your cooking and dining space. The function and aesthetic of every cabinet are different, which means they require various types of hardware.


Cabinet Doors


When it comes to cabinet doors, you can choose between a contemporary drawer pull and a classic cabinet knob. Drawer pulls have long, simple lines that work well with modern and minimalist aesthetics. They also provide much-needed stability for more substantial cabinet doors and for heavy storage.


In contrast, cabinet knobs are a classic choice for ornate cabinetry. Round knobs can comfortably fit in any hand, while square knobs can provide a unique touch.


Cabinet Drawers


There is seemingly no end to options for cabinet drawers. Beyond knobs and pulls, you should also consider finger and bin pulls.


Single knobs or pulls – Placing one cabinet knob or drawer pull in the center of a drawer is a classic choice that’s perfect for drawers under 24 inches wide. Again, your choice should match the overall aesthetic of the drawer and the room it’s placed in.


Double knobs or pulls – For larger cabinets that contain heavy items, consider dividing the drawer width into thirds and place your choice of knob or pull on the two middle markers. These will provide much-needed stability and balance every time you need to slide the drawer open.


Finger pulls – A knob or pull may take up too much space on small and petite drawers. Finger pulls are small notches carved underneath each drawer to help you pull it open.


Bin pulls – Bin pulls are a cross between knobs and pulls.


They are shaped like an overturned cup to accommodate your fingers as you pull a drawer outward or push it back in.


Consider Brass Hardware


Your choice of material is crucial for the overall quality and longevity of your cabinet hardware. You will be touching these knobs and pulls multiple times a day, which is why you should choose a material that can survive the wear.


Solid brass not only provides an incomparably gorgeous finish, but it can also withstand years of daily wear and tear. You can choose luxurious polished chrome, a more staid unlacquered brass, or somewhere in between. High-quality brass cabinet hardware is a worthy investment you can be confident in.


Spec Hardware’s collection of Armac Martin furniture and cabinet hardware is designed and manufactured out of England. These high-quality products are made from solid brass, and they come in a wide selection of modern and traditional styles. Armac Martin furnishings are perfect for customers who prefer a unique, luxurious aesthetic.




Cabinet hardware is important not just for their function but their design, too. The best cabinet and drawer knobs and pulls provide stability and perfectly complement the overall aesthetic of the room they are placed in. Solid brass cabinet hardware is the best choice for homeowners looking for something beautiful and durable.


Spec Hardware is a family-owned Canadian business that supplies luxury hardware and fixtures to customers all over the country. Our interior design experts can help you to select the right product that will work in your home. If you want to elevate your cabinets with the best cabinet hardware in Edmonton, check out our store today!

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