Cabinet Transformations

Hardware for Cabinet Transformations: Our Basic Guide

Cabinets: considered by experts, homeowners, and designers as the staple of any room’s functionality and overall style, these fixtures stand out as some of the most essential options that spruce up any home.


From kitchen stockers and cupboards to bathroom collections and storage areas, the fixtures will always fit in and significantly improve the way space feels and operates with a simple yet impactful tweak. Over time, you’ll get to see how much more different your spaces feel when you start putting cabinets in them after years of relying on bins or the floor to keep items!


As you continue to realize the value of having a cabinet in any of your rooms, you’ll eventually come to a point where you’ll begin to think about making the most out of the fixtures you already have set up. While you can only go so far as to paint wood or refurbish supports to make them look wonderful, there is an infinite number of options to choose from once you look into switching up your cabinet hardware.


How to Elevate Your Space


When it comes to making the most out of your cabinets and maximizing the appeal they have on your space, there are three types of hardware options that guarantee desirable results. Specifically, you can elevate the overall look of your fixture and the impact it has on the appeal of your space through the use of knobs and pulls.


If you want to give your beloved storage solution the makeover it needs, let’s go over each type of hardware option in further detail to best understand the impact they levy for a much-desired transformative effect:




The best way to define a knob is that it’s a type of hardware consisting of a single piece that has a screw that fits through the hole in the door or drawer and is attached at the back with a fastener.


Considered as the bread and butter of cabinet refurbishment or upgrading, knobs are the most common type of hardware that comes in a wide range of styles that are each best suited to a specific theme or look. Over the years, the number of available options on the Canadian market alone has elevated to be in the tens to hundreds of thousands range because of an abundance of new styles introduced each year.




Other than knobs, pulls are another type of cabinet hardware that is found in almost all examples of these fixtures that provide aesthetic appeal and a few practical upgrades along the way.


Often used together with knobs for a combination effect, these pieces are best set for more contemporary or modern looks, and it is common to see only pulls because of their straightforward appearance and inherent simplicity. Similar to knobs pulls also use a singular piece that is latched on with a fastener on the inner wall of a cabinet’s drawer. The only difference, however, is that pulls often require two or more holes because they’re longer and take up more space than a knob!


Although cabinets already bring a whole lot of change to the table when it comes to transforming a space or area and making it more stylish and practical, the fixtures themselves can be further improved with a few hardware swaps. By choosing the right pulls or knobs (or both, even) during your next mini home improvement project, you can help any of your cabinets look even better without doing too much!


Are you looking for the best cabinet hardware in Edmonton? Then you have come to the right place. Shop around for high-quality pulls that are best-suited to your cabinet upgrade-related needs by checking out our selection of products today!

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