Hollow Core Doors

Hollow Core Doors: What You Need to Know

There are many kinds of doors, mostly used to further accentuate our home’s physical features. One of the best on the market is the hollow core door. It’s used exclusively for the interior, and it can be pretty handy because it’s lighter and can be highly affordable. However, with its cheapness comes the disadvantage of low durability.


Hollow core doors, despite the name, are not hollow. A fiberboard honeycomb-like structure provides its framework, which is what allows it to stay in shape.


What exactly are hollow core doors? Should you get them for your home? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the matter at hand. Read on below to learn more.


An Overview on Hollow Core Doors


Hollow core doors can be made from either fiberboard or laminated wood. Their structure consists of long, flat boxes that are hollow on the inside.


At some critical points within the door’s structure, there are cardboard honeycomb structures that help maintain its shape. The edges of a hollow core door are also made from different materials, such as fiberboards or softwood.

The Advantages of Hollow Core Doors


Hollow core doors are incredibly lightweight, which makes them considerably easy to transport. Aside from that, installation is also accessible because a single person can install it.


The average hollow core door costs $80. Some could go cheaper, but others can fall on the more expensive side. This is also why many construction contractors recommend the use of hollow core doors, especially if you’re on a budget. 


Simply put, hollow core doors are cost-effective because they can be installed pretty much in any corner of the house.


The Disadvantages of Hollow Core Doors


Hollow core doors are on the thinner side, so don’t expect it to muffle sounds from within the room it’s installed. If you want better soundproofing, it’s best to use solid core doors.


Hollow core doors with veneers are about 1/8-inch thick. What makes it worse is that it’s only on average, meaning that there are many more hollow core doors with lesser quality. Since they’re also made with fiberboard, they can’t be sanded, which can be a nuisance, especially if it’s too big for your doorway. Hollow core doors are cheap, but they’re not always for everyone.


Should You Get Them?


Whether or not you should get hollow core doors is a hotly debated subject among homeowners. 


You should get them since they pretty much do what any other door does, which is to give privacy. However, reality and money can dictate how they can be used. In such cases, you will need to install or replace the doors in your home with hollow core doors. Doing so can save you a lot of time and money. 


It’s also best to keep in mind that they have lousy soundproofing. Aside from that, they are also pretty thin, which can be a problem if they are subjected to significant amounts of heat. For this reason, hollow core doors should only be installed in certain rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen.




Hollow core doors are a good alternative for solid doors, especially if you’re on a budget. Just remember to take extra good care of them because they have a pretty weak and thin structure which can be a problem. As you plan your next move, make sure to keep this guide in mind!


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