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Knobs vs Pulls: Making the Right Choice For Your Kitchen Cabinets

There are many aspects of kitchen renovations that need to be carefully considered. It’s easy for a homeowner to spend weeks, if not months, designing a layout of how they would like everything to look. Spending time to piece together all the minute details that will fit together to create an overall design will pay off when the remodel project is completed.

One of the final parts of the remodeling process that you may plan is whether or not to put knobs or pulls on your kitchen cabinets. Simple as this may seem, it can make a profound difference in the final results of your kitchen renovation. Chances are you are currently faced with this choice, hence why you have landed on this blog post. The good news is that this article will help guide you to make the right choice for your kitchen.

Knobs vs Pulls: Making the Right Choice For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Both will serve their purpose and do the trick of opening your kitchen drawers and cabinets. However, knobs and pulls are different design-wise. Here is a guide to help you decide which type of fixture you should choose:

Choose Depending on The Location of the Cabinets

One way to decide whether to get pulls or knobs on your cabinets is to consider the location of the cabinets. Keep in mind that knobs will require you to grasp the round part of the fixture to pull the cabinet or drawer open. While this will be easy for cabinets that are within reach, it may be difficult to open cabinets that are higher up. You may want to consider using pulls for cabinets and drawers that are slightly harder to access.

All or Nothing

Many people want to have a clear, coherent visual theme running throughout their kitchen. This being said, people who choose one style will often have the same kind of fixture in the other drawers and cabinets in their kitchen.

A Mixture of Both

While uniformity is an option, there are also some people that will opt to use both knobs and pulls in their kitchen cabinets depending on the convenience and ease of use for each cabinet. You can look for options that compliment each other and work within the same theme.

The Choice Is Yours

No matter what choice you make, in the end, it should be just that. As the homeowner, the decision should be solely yours to make. While it is a good practice to get the opinion of the contractor or building team, the choice that you will ultimately make shouldn’t be made by anyone else. After all, you will be the one living in the home and using the knobs or pulls day by day!


When you plan your kitchen remodel, make sure that that final choice you will stick with will tie in well with the overall design of your kitchen. The guide above is meant to help you decide whether to use knobs or pulls. In the end, it is a good idea to go with the option that you are most comfortable with instead of only making the choice by aesthetic appeal alone.

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