Lockset Types

Lockset Types to Explore for Your Home’s New Door Hardware

When it comes to home renovations, most homeowners get swept by the excitement of bringing their personality out through decorative furnishings. The prospect of turning your humble abode into something inspired by home interior magazines is no mean feat, especially if it means making your dreams come true through your living space.


But there are critical features that deserve your attention, too, and that includes your front door’s hardware. The type of door you choose can impact your curb appeal in more ways than one, plus it also serves as your first line of defence against would-be smash-and-grabbers.


A Closer Look Into the Door’s Hardware


Going into the finer details of your front door, there two features play pivotal roles: the doorknob and the lockset. Different designs are made for specific applications, so exploring your options can help you discover the style, finish, and functionality that suits your needs.


Doorknob Types


Many doorknobs appear as round or square-shaped knobs, though they can also look like a lever-type handle or a handle set. You can also see doorknobs that combine a latch and handle for exterior entry door types. However, lever handles are great for easier handling and are even acknowledged as an approved operating device meeting for Americans with Disabilities (ADA).


Lockset Types


The lockset mechanism is one of the most critical features of your door hardware since it serves as a form of security measure, so there are four basic types you should consider wisely:


Package Lockset -For all your interior door essentials, a package lockset is one of the perfect choices since it doesn’t necessarily contain a lock. It serves more as a passage that connects one room to another, so this is often intended for closet and pantry doors.


Privacy Lockset – Interior rooms need a higher sense of privacy too, that’s why privacy locksets are designed to lock doors in bathrooms, bedrooms, or home offices. Its mechanism works by pushing or turning a button inside the door, but there’s no visible lock outside. You can use a small emergency key to unlock the door, though, so no need to worry about accidentally locking yourself out.


Keyed Entry Lockset – This is an excellent choice for interior and exterior doors since it’s lockable on both sides, making it the best choice for locking security items or as entry doors.


Dummy Lockset – This functions like cabinet pulls since it doesn’t have any locking or latching mechanism, so you can often see dummy locksets for linen or broom closets.


The Bottom Line: The Importance of Providing Quality Hardware for Your Door


The type of door hardware you choose can influence your interior and exterior doors’ decorative, reliability, and architectural integrity. The guide above should shed light on the basics of door hardware, so it’s up to you to choose the best one that fits your needs.


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