Replace Your Toilet

Here Are the Signs That It Is Time for You to Replace Your Toilet

Sometimes, you might think that only renovation—a major overhaul—can solve your bathroom problems, but tweaking some pieces in your room can make a huge difference. One of the most renovated rooms in the house is the bathroom, and people have different reasons for doing it. If you think your bathroom is still good, but you are not just happy with it, then perhaps a simple redecoration would do the trick. But if your toilet, for example, keeps bringing you problems, it might be time to consider replacing it.

By problems, we mean:

It No Longer Appeals to You

If your current toilet no longer makes you excited about your bathroom or it simply does not fit the theme you want, consider replacing it. Just because it appears it is meant to be permanently installed does not mean it cannot be replaced with a better unit. Nowadays, there are many kinds, shapes, sizes, and colours of toilets. You are free to choose the one you want.

There Are Cracks and Scratches

The older the toilet, the harder it is to keep it pristine-looking, no matter how much you scrub it. If it is becoming hard to clean it, get rid of it and maintain your new one better.

It Is Never Comfortable

Convenience and comfort should be two of the things that a toilet and bathroom provide. Suppose the one in your place is not comfortable enough. In that case, it could cause problems, such as increased chances of constipation due to unnatural sitting positions, loss of circulation, and more. The right toilet, in the proper size and height, is the best toilet to use. It would be best to try them first before purchasing to make sure it fits you perfectly.

The Toilet Keeps on Leaking

Nothing could bring more discomfort than leaks coming out of the toilet. This may be mistaken as regular bathroom dampness, but a toilet leak is a good enough reason to replace it. Sometimes, it is a problem that can be fixed, but if the reason is an already old toilet, it is time to let it go.

It Is Not Water-Efficient

Aside from leaks, its low-end technology also causes an increase in your utility bill. Older toilets contain four times more water per flush than the new and more advanced toilets today. If you want to reduce your water consumption, replacing your old toilet with a new one can do that for you.

Broken Unique Parts

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to find shops that sell parts, especially for a toilet. If some unique components of your toilet are already broken, it might cost you less to buy a new one. More importantly, it is the easier route compared to looking for an old piece.


If any of these have been your problem over the past years, then do not hesitate to replace your toilet with a new one. However, keep in mind that only professionals should do that task. Replacing a toilet requires breaking the toilet down, plumbing concerns, connecting to the drainage, and ensuring that it works properly.

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