Bathroom Faucets

6 Different Types of Bathroom Faucets You Need to Consider

When you’re doing a bathroom remodel, you have to consider a lot of things. Don’t limit yourself to just picking the right tiles or the toilet you’re going to use. To really make the best out of your bathroom experience, you also have to put into account other bath fixtures such as the faucets.


Choosing your bathroom faucets shouldn’t just be about the style. After all, you’re going to be using your bathroom faucets a lot. So, it’s vital that the bathroom faucets you choose will work best for you and your bathroom. Here are some of the different types of bathroom faucets you can choose from.


– Single-Lever


The single-lever or single-handle is a type of bathroom faucet with just one handle. This single handle allows you to control both the water pressure and temperature. For this type of faucet, you’ll be needing either one or two holes for your sink.


– Centre-Set


This type of bathroom faucet works best in basins that have three holes. Centre-set faucets have one sprout and a handle on each side of the base. These handles are usually four inches apart, but some faucets may have two handles mounted on a six-inch plate.


– Wall-Mounted


As the name suggests, this type of bathroom faucet is mounted to the wall instead of being attached to the sink or counter. The wall-mounted faucet extends over the sink, making it easier to maintain cleanliness around the sink. Most people who choose this type of faucet typically like it for its clean and modern style.


– Deck Mount


While wall-mounted faucets are attached to the wall, deck mount faucets are mounted directly to the bathroom countertop instead of a sink. If you have a bathtub, this type of faucet can be great for it as well. So, you can make your bathtub and bathroom faucets match for a cleaner look.


– Spread-Fit


What makes spread-fit faucets distinct is that the spout is separate from the handles, and you can mount them in nonstandard configurations. For example, you may choose to mount the spout on a rear corner while the handles are off to one side. This configuration of the spread-fit faucet usually works best for tight installations.


These faucets are often used to conceal the connection below the countertop sink deck and are similar to the centre-set bathroom faucets. For this type of bathroom faucet, the holes are typically ten inches apart.


– Bridge


Bridge faucets require two holes and have the levers and faucet branch off of one part. This type of bathroom faucet is often paired with under-mount sinks or mounted to the bathroom countertop. Bridge faucets also tend to combine modern technology with vintage styles and are pretty easy to clean.


Final Thoughts


It’s essential to pick the right bathroom hardware to achieve an optimum bathroom experience. When choosing a bathroom faucet, one must go beyond just looks and consider the functionality. Get a bathroom faucet that will work well with your sink and countertop and allows you to wash your hands comfortably.


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